Lockdown Reflection

Lockdown Reflection

I really enjoyed lockdown.

A few things I learnt was if I had work that needed to be down that day I would stick to the work until it was completed.

I was really excited to leaf home school because then I could come back to school and see my friends.

What I found that rocked in home school was that I could get up later and I could wear my oodie.



Lockdown Day 4


It is the final day in lockdown and I am so excited that it has finished.

Today it was our last day of online learning today,

Todays lessons were Double PE, Recess, Library, French, Maths, Lunch and double Art

I am so excited that sport goes back tomorrow.


Lockdown day 1

Why does this keep happening. I hate homeschooling. The only good part about it is that I can sleep in an extra hour each day.

It was our first day of homeschool today and it went pretty smooth.

The online lesson we had today were

Class meeting, Science, Recess, DTE, French, Drama, English and English again.

It was an alright day. I hope we can get out of lockdown soon and be back to face to face learning.

Environmental issues

Have you ever wandered through the streets wondering why people throw rubbish on the floor and don’t bother to put it in the bin. Well, am wondering to. Have you ever bothered to help pick up rubbish? Are you a person that is to lazy to walk to the bin and just throw your rubbish on the floor?Ā  If we continue to do what we are doing now our world will be a very disgusting place in 2040 and I mean very disgusting place were nobody will want to live.Ā People are coming more and more addictive everyday. Every day more and more people are throwing rubbish on the floor and don’t care one bit. Every year people are getting payed for picking up rubbish because they use up their time and care for others and the environment. People are taking up their time but there isn’t enough people to help pick up all of the rubbish in the community. The people that will litter more often or not is the homelessness people because they will not get the point and some people from sitting there so long their muscles will weaken up because they haven’t moved for so long. Even one piece of rubbish could cost the world because if people see rubbish they will think it is okay to do it if everyone else is doing it and also say no one else will notice one extra piece of rubbish on the ground.

I encourage you to help the community and be a helping hand. If you see any rubbish pick it up so that we can get the community back to itself and back up and running to what it hopefully what is was back in the past. But if it was all yucky we can show everyone how important taking care of the environment is.


Schools around the world

All schools around the world are handling COVID -19 differently. In this piece of writing I will be sharing about different schools around the world and how they are handling the situation.

Places like England, Germany, France, Italy and more masks are mandatory at school and around the whole of the country. Some places in America now have an option to wear a mask at school but if you don’t want to you don’t have to wear one. But. like California it is still mandatory to wear a mask to school.

In Denmark at lunch time instead of playing tag and touching each other they have to step in each others shadow instead.

Lots of places around the world are giving students the option to go to school or they can do home learning but in some places if you pick home learning your parents have to teach you.

But over here in South Australia and through out Australia no masks are required to wear and we are nearly back to normal. Every so often there is a small outbreak but otherwise it is what it used to look like.

I hope in a few years time the world is back to normal and there is overseas travel. So that I can travel to England again. Seen as most of my family are living over there.